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Post Secondary Education-First Nations

Post Secondary Education

Beginning in the 2005 tax year, the Canada Revenue Agency is planning on taxing all Aboriginal post secondary student support funding as income to students. Included in this income is tuition, book allowance and living allowance, scholarships, bursaries and travel dollars.

With post secondary education being one of the most important factors for the improved development of Native communities, taxation of support funding will only add to the already difficult financial burden of Native post secondary students. We believe that enrolment and successful completion of post secondary education will decline due to the added financial stresses.

Aboriginal organizations, communities and individuals have already began to petition the Canada Revenue Agency to prevent the taxation of post secondary education funding. We need you, your organization or community to help reverse this taxation policy. Read more about this issue using the links below and either send your individual petition to ONECA for submission to the Canada Revenue Agency or petition your community with the printable petition form.
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