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thoughts on what is democracy

comments are very welcome (and wanted)
was bored at work and jotted this onto a scrap piece of paper, ive tried to post it as i wrote it:

regarding the politcal spectrum (left-center-right)
Communist _ Socialist _ Liberal left(Canada NDP)(Green parties) _ Liberal center(Canada Liberals) _ Conservative(USA Democrats)(Canada PCs) _ Religious Right(USA Republicans)(Canada Reform/Alliance) _ Extreme Right(anarchists/no government)

am thinking about a voting ballot, why its got politcal parties trying to form a group around viewpoints or issues.
it is supposed to be a democratic system, why isnt it up to the people to decide what they do/dont want, to decide issue by issue instead of electing someone who stands in their place and is garenteed to say/do something i dont approve of on (that) issue.
why dont we have a 'none' option, or 'neutral', or 'i dont have enough (real/relevant/truthful) information about any of these people' option.

where does democracy fit on this above scale?? it doesnt, democracy isnt about viewpoints its about 'by the people' its about self-rule. public decisions, local control, democracy is about the de-centralizing (opposite of globalization, opposite of communism, an opposite to capitalism), empowering local populace to control local resources and be able to decide about things of importance to them - local jobs, local economies, city planning.
both the left and the right have different types of controls and regulations they would try to make law; both sides are limiting choice, limiting options. (a green party will try to stop continued climate change & a conservative party will try to make their laws according to their religious values); limiting freedoms.

to sum up: democracy is about government by the people, so why arent the people deciding the issues?
why do we have to elect representatives to make decisions for us?
"democracy involves risk. this is most difficult for many of its advocates to accept, even those who see themselves as risk-takers. Democracy is always messy: lots of meetings and reversed decisions. But we owe it to ourselves and to take on the responsibilities that real democracy puts on us"
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